Increase your Annual Recurring Revenue

Harness your company’s #1 asset, your customer base, to attract high quality leads.

Customer referrals convert faster to new customers, are more loyal and help build your strong Annual Recurring Revenue stream.

Create and manage referral campaigns

Monitor results, confirm invites sent and referrals received, track new customers added and see your ROI improve.

Invite your customers to send referrals

Easily generate referral campaigns using our intuitive tools. Introduce your new referral program to your customers and let them know how easy it is to send you referrals and earn rewards.

Like you we love referrals!

Referrals are the most efficient way to generate leads, so TrueSaaS makes it easy for your customers to send them to you. Simply place our smart referral link in your SaaS dashboard and with one click your customers can send referrals.

Keep your referring customers motivated!

It’s quick and simple to setup your SaaS referral program rewards. With TrueSaaS you can issue single-sided and double-sided rewards. Send the same reward for each referral or even tiered rewards where the reward value increases.

Reward fulfilment

Easily reward your customers when their referrals become customers.

Customers respond well to receiving a reward when referring over a new customer. Managing referral rewards is a snap using the TrueSaas platform. With a few clicks you can select qualifying customers in your referral program to send cash rewards or gift cards. Convenient reporting provides spending oversight and ROI of your referral program.

Easy connection

TrueSaaS’s API offers an efficient connection to your SaaS or application platform. Web triggers, referral tracking, notification of who referred and when the referral converts to a new customer make it easy to manage every step of your referral channel.

I’m ready to boost my MRR through referrals