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Referral Software built for SaaS Companies to get High Quality Leads

White-labeled referral software built for SaaS

Get high-quality leads from your customers with TrueSaaS referral software. Referred leads convert faster to new customers, are more loyal, and help build your strong Monthly Recurring Revenue stream.

Harness your company’s #1 asset, your customer base

Referral software to increase your sales pipeline, and grow your business

Word-of-mouth is the most efficient way to generate leads, so TrueSaaS makes it easy for your customers to refer your product or service. Place our smart referral link in your SaaS dashboard, and with one click, your customers can send referrals.

Keep your sales team inside their current workflow

TrueSaaS delivers your referred leads to your CRM building your sales pipeline. TrueSaaS will track and manage your referral campaign, so when your leads convert, they get rewarded automatically.

Focused on helping your SaaS business thrive!

Always innovating to help build your sales pipeline and hit your MRR goals.

Referral software to incentivize and reward your ambassadors

Part of a successful referral campaign is quickly rewarding your customers when they send you leads that convert.

TrueSaaS referral software makes it easy to send thank you emails and rewards automatically. You can even build multi-tier reward campaigns to motivate your ambassadors to send more referrals your way.


Save time with seamless integrations with your favorite software

TrueSaaS APIs and Zapier templates provide a quick connection to your SaaS application. Web triggers, referral tracking, notifications, and more make it easy to manage every step of your referral channel.

Higher ROI than traditional marketing

Our informative dashboard provides key information and ROI status.

It’s easy to get started

You’ll be up and running in no time.