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ExakTime - TrueSaaS
Casey Powers

Casey Powers

VP of Marketing

TrueSaaS makes it easy for us to receive and manage customer referrals. From setting up campaigns to paying out rewards, it’s all covered. These guys understand the SaaS market and the importance of building our MRR. The service has already paid for itself. Highly recommend them!

The company

ExakTime has thousands of satisfied customers yet no effective way to receive/manage referrals. The company was manually processing referrals which came in organically, but needed to scale up the process to significantly move the MRR needle.


The challenge

For 20 years ExakTime has been the leader in workforce management SaaS solutions for the construction industry. They have a solid reputation having built a satisfied and loyal customer base over time. Casey Powers, VP of marketing, recently shared, “Although we are active in all digital channels (paid search, social, blogs) and receive positive results, we also realized that we were sitting on a gold mine with a solid reputation we had built with our customers.”


The solution

ExakTime executed an extensive search for the right solution which could easily and cost-effectively address their specific needs as a SaaS company. The TrueSaaS platform was the perfect fit. In no time at all they were able to set up campaigns that brought in more referrals which routinely converted into new customer sales. In addition, the company could now setup single or multi-tier rewards allowing them to focus on diverse customer segments.


The results

In just 6 months ExakTime added more new customers through referrals than they had during the entire previous year. Creating and managing campaigns are now all managed by a single marketing team member—and rewards are automatically sent out encouraging their brand ambassadors to refer even more often. Best of all, customers who refer can view the status of their referrals on an individualized dashboard—a place where they can see when a referral turns into a new customer and a reward is headed their way.

Industry: SaaS/Workforce Management
Website: exaktime.com

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