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Word-of-Mouth Marketing for SaaS companies to get more qualified leads

Get more leads, close more sales, through word-of-mouth marketing

Identify and reward your brand ambassadors, word-of-mouth marketing increases MRR through quality customer referrals.

We make it easy for your customers to send you referrals

Empower your marketing team

Give your marketing team the tools to easily build an effective word-of-mouth referral program. Create and send custom email invites to your customers asking for referrals.

“TrueSaaS helped us run a word-of-mouth referral program, increase MRR and identify our ambassadors. Simple to use with great support!”

Duncan Wilson, Co-Founder, Class Charts

Give your sales team the most qualified leads

Time is money, so provide your sales team with highly qualified leads which close 3 x faster than traditional leads.

TrueSaaS makes it easy for us to receive and manage customer referrals. From setting up campaigns to paying out rewards, it’s all covered. These guys understand the SaaS market and the importance of building our MRR.

Casey Powers, VP of Marketing ExakTime

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Your developers will love us

We’ve made it quick and simple to add our referral widget directly into your SaaS dashboard—making it convenient and easy for your customers to send you referrals in just one click.

Invite your customers

Ask existing customers to refer their friends and reward them.

They refer friends

Happy customers refer friends looking for your solution.

Get qualified leads

People are 3x more likely to make a purchase when referred by a friend.

Gain new customers

Referred customers are more loyal and more likely to refer their friends.

Simple setup and on-boarding

API Integrations

Guided Onboarding

Quick Launch

Actionable Analytics

TrueSaaS works with your SaaS platform using easy API integration. Setup is fast so you can quickly build your referral channel and start receiving highly qualified word-of-mouth referrals. Intuitive onboarding ensures you see ROI fast!

It's easy to get started

You'll be up and running in no time.