The referral platform built for SaaS companies

Referrals deliver the most qualified leads to grow your business.

“TrueSaaS helped us run referral campaigns, increase MRR and identify our referral heroes. Simple to use with great support!”

Duncan Wilson, Co-Founder, ClassChart

Build a referral channel
that delivers results

Generate more qualified leads and increase Annual Recurring Revenue from one easy-to-use SaaS referral platform.

Create referral campaigns and monitor their success with TrueSaaS intuitive dashboard so your marketing and sales teams can work the most qualified leads.

Easily build campaigns
and get new customers

Create and send custom email invites to your customers asking for referrals. In just a few clicks they can send quality leads your way.

Your SaaS dashboard
will  us!

The TrueSaaS platform easily integrates directly into your SaaS dashboard—making it convenient and instantly easy for your customers to send you referrals in just one click.

Simple setup and on-boarding

API Integrations

Guided Onboarding

Quick Launch

Actionable Analytics

TrueSaaS works with your SaaS platform using easy API integration. Setup is fast so you can quickly build your referral channel and start receiving highly qualified referral leads. Intuitive onboarding ensures you see ROI fast!

Easily track and reward customers that refer leads to you.